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27 May 2016

Benzodiazepine detoxification

Benzodiazepine detoxification  needs to be done or applied when the benzodiazepine drugs are being consumed by a person in a high content that it made him/her an addict. The addict becomes totally dependent on the benzodiazepine either physically or psychologically. This addiction leads to a detoxification syndrome that drops the plasma level of blood in the body of the addict. This state is observed during the benzodiazepine detoxification process. There are many other after effects that has been observed while the withdrawals of benzodiazepine.

Benzodiazepines are basically used for hypnotism effects, to treat insomnia, for muscle relaxation and sometimes also used as an anesthetic agent. And here it all starts, at times the person who is suffering from insomnia is given benzodiazepine but in a certain amount which is enough for the medical treatment. But during the medical treatment the person develops a habit of taking the benzodiazepine doses and become an addict. The addict starts misusing the doctor’s medical prescription and make himself/herself dependent on the benzodiazepine drug.

Long term use of benzodiazepines can result into serious physical and psychological health problems. The detoxification process for benzodiazepine is also a tough process. It requires a lot of strength to undergo the detoxification process. There are lots of symptoms that an addict suffers, some are mentioned below:

The person who has been consuming benzodiazepine from a long time will undergo heavy depression during the detoxification process. He/she will suffer a emotional breakdown and can also try to attempt suicide if not handled properly. The addict should be under continuous attention of medical experts and family members. Or it will end up in a very crucial state. The addict needs to be handled with care. And those who were at the initial stage of addiction will also feel the same but not on an extreme level. The addict will be depressed, may act weird, and also suffer heavy mood swings. It is quite necessary for the addict to follow the medications on time and develop a strong will against benzodiazepine drug. In extreme cases the addicts can also be taken to rehab centers for detoxification process. There, they are examined and treated according to their current situation and level of benzodiazepine in their system. In the rehab centers, the addicts are always kept under keen attention so that they recover fast. The addicts are kept there for 10-15 days in most cases and for 20-30 days in extreme cases. They treat the addict in a way that they should never see back and repeat the past after the whole Alcohol treatment.  


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